The Benefits of a Text Archiver for your Business

Having safe and reliable workplace communications is crucial for your company’s growth, as is compliance.

Many regulating bodies monitor firms for compliance practices, and if they find any discrepancy, those businesses might face severe legal repercussions. This could inevitably destroy a company’s reputation, which is why it is essential to have a text message archiving solution.

But what can a text message archiver do for your business? Keep reading to find out.

Ensure Compliance

Perhaps the number one reason why businesses leverage archivers are to maintain compliance. Several organizations, including SEC, FINRA, HIPAA, GDPR, and many more,impose regulations on business communications, with corresponding penalties, should they be violated. While it may sound like sending a simple text to a client does not carry much weight, it certainly does.

Compliance regulations are not exclusive to official emails and letters; they cover all digital communications. So, if you do not want to place your company at risk of legal violations, record all conversations sent to and from your firm.


If you are unfamiliar with eDiscovery, this refers to a form of digital investigation attempting to find evidence in digital assets and business communications that can be used for criminal proceedings or litigation.

While text messages are considered less formal, they are still considered business records containing valuable information and, thus, can be used for court proceedings. This highlights the importance of text archivers and why you should keep records in case your lawyer or auditors need them.

Deter Unethical Behavior

Because text message archivers record all conversations sent to and from your company, you can use them to monitor your employees’ behavior.

For instance, what if your employee sent false information to a customer? Is a staff harassing a coworker? With the help of a text archiver, you can discover any unethical practices among your workers and take the necessary disciplinary action.

Streamline Marketing

Security is not the only benefit of having a text archiver. Your conversations in the past are a gold mine of priceless information you could use to obtain business insight and find better ways to deliver customer service.

A good text archiving solution will tell you how the message was delivered, whether the receiver opened it, and how they responded to your message. This data can give ideas on formulating a stronger marketing campaign tailored to your client’spreferences.

Practice Responsible Business Communications Today

Your text message archiver’s efficiency relies on the provider’s competence. With so many agencies offering solutions with various features, it could get hard to decide which to choose. We highly recommend getting in touch with LeapXpert for all your archiving needs.