Unlock Your Cellphone Yourself With A Web Service


If you have purchased a lock device and the seller and its provider refuse to unlock your device or therefore force you to use the device only on their network, you can still unlock it yourself.

We have had experience with an online service, and the operation is effortless. Most sites or services that cater for Att unlock phone boasts of offering the best rates. Honestly, it might sound like a scam, but we did the test, and it works; a code is emailed to us within 24 hours so that we can unlock it ourselves.

Almost all phone models are on the list of choices, and if not, you can also contact the company for more details.

Site Operation

The operation of most these sites and the unlocking procedure are quite simple. You select the phone model to unlock and indicate its IMEI number. To obtain this unique identification code, all you have to do is enter *#06# on your device’s keypad then the number is displayed on the screen.

After paying the fees through PayPal to get the code, we wait for it to be emailed.

When it is received, all you have to do is insert a SIM card from a different provider than the device initially linked in its device. Then the phone will automatically display a window asking for the code to unlock it.

Enter Unlock Code

That’s all; once unlocked, the device is active on the new network.

Site Prices

There is always a cost to unlock a cell phone, whether from its supplier or a website, or a technician. These prices vary depending on the provider initially associated with the device and the phone model.

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