eEnterprise – Old Great Plains Software ERP Application Reactivation


Should you recall the XXI century story about Microsoft acquisition of Great Plains Software – this is when eEnterprise, which was the final Gps navigation ERP name invention stopped to appear in its MRP name consistency. Great Plains eEnterprise was renamed into Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains Professional, afterwards in September 2005, Great Plains was renamed into Microsoft Dynamics GP. But anyway, if you and your company had difficult time in earlier 2000, you very well may perform Great Plains eEnterprise or Great Plains Dynamics for Microsoft SQL Server versions 6. or 7.. Let us review eEnterprise upgrade and leave pathways:

1. DB Platform. eEnterprise was on Microsoft SQL Server only, so much more likely you are well on Microsoft SQL Server 7. or perhaps MS SQL Server 2000. So, thinking about the truth that high-finish form of Microsoft Dynamics GP 10. or 9. can be obtained on MS SQL Server 2005 and 2000 only – from DB perspective there aren’t any challenges

2. GP Licenses and MBS Great Plains annual enhancement program status. Well, thinking about because you are supposedly still on Gps navigation eEnterprise ERP version, odds are high that you simply lapsed in Microsoft Business Solutions GP annual enhancement program. If our assumption is true, then you’ll have to contact you Microsoft VAR to know your annual enhancement reactivation options. For those who have no clue on which we’re speaking about – give us a call

3. eEnterprise upgrade scenarios. If you’re on Great Plains Software eEnterprise, much more likely you’ve greater than 10 Great Plains system manager users and thus, you’re valuable customer (meaning that you’re large or mid-size business in the ERP perspective). Should you did not downsize in 2001-2004, your upgrade path would be to Microsoft Dynamics GP Professional

4. Microsoft Dynamics C/S . This is actually the predecessor of eEnterprise, C/S versions were 5.5, 5., 4. and three.two. Individuals days Microsoft SQL platform is at the development stage, so that your version may be MS SQL Server 6. or alternative DB platforms: Btrieve or Ctree/Faircom. Your migration path will probably be to Microsoft Dynamics GP Professional too. If you’re on non Microsoft SQL Server DB platform – you will have to migrate to MS SQL Server. The migration tool can be obtained fro Microsoft Business Solutions, yet it’s not trivial so we recommend you to definitely deploy GP technical talking to firm to complete migration and version upgrade job.

5. Great Plains Skill customizations for eEnterprise. Dex programming was extremely popular at the end of 1990th, which is not really a surprise for those who have Dex altered Dynamics business logic. Please review you Dynamics.set file to determine for those who have Skill custom logic therefore, try to look for Dynamics.dic together with your Sanscript scripts in not stripped out

6. eEnterprise custom reporting. Probably the most likely you’ve GP ReportWriter modified reports: SOP Lengthy Invoice or Blank Form, POP Purchase Order. RW is actually Skill module and reports migration and upgrade require Dex architecture expertise and software development experience.

7. Dinosaur versions of effective Plains. GPA for DOS, MS Home windows or Mac pc were stopped to aid in earlier XXI Century. If you’re still on a single of individuals, you have to think about leave migration option: to Microsoft Dynamics GP will be the natural way, nevertheless, you may theoretically migrate to Oracle, Sage, PeopleSoft, JDEdwards, Scala, or any other ERP application

8. GP Licenses. You’re most likely acquainted with ERP industry rules – besides initial MRP application purchase you need to be current and pay annual fee for ERP enhancement program. You’re lapsed in enhancement program, you are very likely re-enrollment fee. The GP re-enrollment fee depends upon the amount of lapsing years, and perhaps it’s more advantageous to complete new GP software licenses purchase, please speak to your Microsoft Dynamics GP Great Plains reseller for details.

9. Dex Personalization upgrade. For those who have custom Dex logic inside your eEnterprise installation version, you shouldn’t think that modified logic update is going to be automatic. Typically Skill developers and programmers have to be involved to estimate upgrade efforts

10. Very Reports and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services SRS versus. Great Plains ReportWriter. RW is Microsoft Skill module, so you shouldn’t expect miracle from Report Author interface. RW can access GP Dex reports, kept in Reports.dic file, plus these pointed out reports have Skill parameters entry screens in regular GP logic. CR is Dex-independent oral appliance gradually alter base Very Reports on SQL Stored Procedures and Views logic. Exactly the same ought to be stated about SRS

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