Activating Virtual SmartDust Keyboards


SmartDust are small electronic particles that are connected together digitally using individuals nodes or motes. There must be off to sprinkle the utilization small SmartDust onto a surface and employ the SmartDust like a virtual keyboard for data input right into a computer.

But exactly how is this done? I suggest the SmartDust be sprinkled to the surface the you want to use for that virtual keyboard to place the information in to the device. Then your device could be positioned within the SmartDust to activate, each bit of SmartDust. By doing this be virtual picture is going to be taken from the SmartDust at first glance which SmartDust units is going to be relegated right into a virtual grid, representing a specific key around the keyboard. An infrared scanner will identify each bit of SmartDust, wake them up and assign them each a specific character.

Next, you’ll be able to determine an online keyboard on the quarter from the screen from the device you’re in putting the information into, alongside and with from the data you’re inputing. In this manner you are able to type the information in to the device without searching in the surface in which the wise to dust is situated, but instead in the input device.

The SmartDust must also possess a certain Ionic connecting electronic charges using the surface you use and repel itself from the attempt that you follow your fingers. This will help you to type continuously the whole time or possible miss construed data being joined in to the device. This type of system would permit you to input data right into a very small device for example something how big an ipod device Nano having a one and something 1 / 2 inch Brought screen, a watch computer or PDA.

The SmartDust Development and research scientists have to think about this option when making my virtual keyboard concepts. This specific concept applies well to space exploration, military applications and field research, in addition to disaster response in main catastrophes. Such applications will indeed also promote the way forward for SmartDust technologies. Think about this year 2006.

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